Colin and Justin: Go gadget go

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Don’t hibernate, this winter. Instead celebrate with a roster of gadgets and gizmos to give you a warm glow, say Colin and Justin

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Damn, we’re late to the party. Studying Ontario’s climate, whilst wrapping the North Star* season in Cape Breton, we’d hoped to catch the last breaths of warm weather over this way.

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Only last week, Toronto temperatures were in the high teens, though by last Saturday (when we finally made it back to The Six) the mercury had dipped to 10 degrees.

But hey, we’ll take it. It’s good being home, even if being back on these shores reminds us that winter is looming.

Canadian summers are one thing, but when Mother Nature’s chilly arsenal displays, we’re all in. And, from what we can see, it seems many of you are of a similar mind.

Yes indeed, folks, countrywide, are spending more time than ever out of the city during the colder calendar.

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They’re cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, hiking and embarking upon a battery of adrenaline pumping pastimes that winter tempts.

With the surge in interest comes a surge in gadgets designed to make things easier and more fun. Come on: if you can employ new tech to make winter (at least feel) more temperate, why wouldn’t you get out there?

Winter is electric

With electric vehicles enjoying popularity, it’s no surprise to learn that next level snowmobiles are similarly electrifying. The Envo SnowKart ($$5,879.00 at is equipped for snowy adventure: from collecting firewood to backwoods exploration.

With up to two hours ride time per charge, the SnowKart makes short shrift of winter terrain including ice and hard packed slush. Thanks to electric tracks, and a front ski that will ride on 30cms of powder, this sturdy, winter beast is well equipped.

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Hey, Joe

Self reward is important for health and happiness, so add a little “me time” to your schedule. Coffee, for instance, isn’t simply a hot drink, it’s a personal indulgence that bring a smile to caffeine loving lips everywhere.

For temperature-controlled Joe on the go, the Ember Travel Mug ($229.98 at sets an exact drinking temperature and keeps it steady for up to three hours so your drink is never too hot, or indeed, cold.

Downhill all the way

If you’re looking for an easy to navigate sled, the Hammerhead Pro HD by Yukon Charlie’s ($232, offers patented spring steering, polycarbonate skis and a powder coated 6,000-guage alu frame to get you down the mountain at speed.

Add in lightweight construction to make up-hill returns a breeze, it just goes to show you can be fast, without being furious.

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Winter droning

The drone user should be totally comfortable, so wrap up in layers that can be adjusted when temperatures fluctuate. Touchscreen compatible gloves make sense too, so bag a pair to optimize your endeavours.

Keep your drone (and its batteries) warm by leaving in the car until required. After take-off, hover for a few minutes to ensure batteries have a good charge, and that operating temperature has been attained.

Land with ample battery charge in reserve – 20 to 30 per cent is ideal. If snowy, your camera may underexpose, so balance slightly above zero. Finally, just like sunglasses for the lens, use filters to soften any white-out effect.

Our friend Chris Meiorin is Drag Lake’s veritable drone master – he recommends the Mavic Air 2 drone ($999,

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Hands-free illumination

The Etsfmoa Unisex LED Beanie Hat with Light ($17.99, is a one-size-fits-all toque with excellent insulation against winter air.

With a built-in rechargeable LED light, three brightness settings and 10-hour runtime, it charges via a USB port. We use ours, after dark, when bringing in logs: it’s a game changer.

Climb every mountain

The Polaris Sportsman Touring XP 1000 (from $16,199, is a welcome addition to an already stellar range of smart forest-bound vehicles.

Featuring all-wheel drive, engine braking, descent control and power steering, it’s got all your needs wrapped up in one modern “moon buggy chic” package.

So, are you ready to use technology to boldly go where no one has gone before?

C’mon, if Canadian icon William Shatner can make it into outer space, a winter trip into the (looming) frozen forest should feel like a walk in the flippin’ park. Hey, for what, precisely, are you waiting?

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