10 Essential Gadgets for a Productive Home Office Setup

If you’re a remote professional working from home, you must have a well-equipped and efficient home office. A well-thought-out workspace will increase productivity and create an environment that fosters creativity and job satisfaction.

So. let’s explore the top essential gadgets for a productive home office setup. Whether you’re setting up a new space or upgrading the one you have, this equipment will help you stay focused, organized, and comfortable throughout your workday.


1. Ergonomic Office Chair: Prioritize Comfort and Posture

You should support your back while working from home using a comfortable office chair. But you shouldn’t just get any office chair—instead, get one with ergonomic features like lumbar support, adjustable seat height, and armrests. The right seat will promote proper posture and reduce the risk of developing musculoskeletal disorders.

Investing in a high-quality chair will significantly improve your comfort and well-being during long work hours. Don’t underestimate the importance of sitting in a chair that supports your body’s unique needs.

Pursuit ergonomic chair by UPLIFT Desk

Personally, I use the Pursuit Ergonomic Chair by UPLIFT Desk, but what’s best for me isn’t automatically good for you. So, to get one for yourself, you should check out the best ergonomic chairs on the market today. There are many options, so you can find one that matches your home office aesthetic and budget.

While your 9-to-5 office job may keep a roof over your head and feed your family, sitting for extended periods can lead to health issues, including a higher risk of obesity and heart disease. You might experience poor posture, decreased energy levels, feelings of restlessness or boredom, and difficulty concentrating on tasks.

An adjustable standing desk allows you to switch between sitting and standing throughout the day, promoting movement and reducing the adverse effects of prolonged sitting.

White adjustable height standing desk

Many standing desk options are available, including manual and electric models, so you can choose one that suits your preferences and budget. I currently use one of UPLIFT’s customizable standing desks, and I can’t say enough positive things about the purchase.

If you’re sticking to a budget or aren’t interested in UPLIFT’s bells and whistles, this sleek white electric standing desk on Amazon will give you the mobility and flexibility you need for your home office.

3. Monitor Riser: Reduce Eye Strain and Increase Storage Space

A monitor riser elevates your screen to an optimal viewing height, reducing eye strain and promoting better posture. This simple addition to your desk setup can help prevent neck and shoulder discomfort caused by looking down at a low screen. Additionally, monitor risers often come with built-in storage compartments, allowing you to keep your workspace organized and clutter-free.

4. Noise-Canceling Headphones and Stand: Block Out Distractions and Improve Focus

Noise canceling headphones and stand
Image Credit: Jowi Morales

If you share a home office, have young children at home, or relate to any other signs you need noise-canceling headphones, you must get one for yourself.

We also recommend getting a stand or hook to keep your headphones organized. By installing a hook on the underside of your desk or placing a stand on top of your workstation, you can easily store your headphones within reach and maintain a clutter-free workspace.

My desk already has a headphone hook, but you can also find a headphone stand and hanger on Amazon for a little over $12. However, avoid any peel-and-stick options as they rarely hold up long-term.

5. Wireless Keyboard and Mouse: Declutter Your Workspace

A wireless keyboard and mouse can significantly reduce desk clutter by eliminating the need for cords. They also offer greater placement flexibility, allowing you to create a more ergonomic and comfortable setup.

Wireless keyboard and mouse

The Apple Magic Keyboard is a fan favorite and is regularly praised as one of the best wireless keyboards for digital nomads. When choosing a wireless keyboard and mouse, consider factors such as battery life, connection type (Bluetooth or RF), and compatibility with your computer. Look for models with an ergonomic design and customizable features to suit your personal preferences.

6. USB-C Docking Station: Streamline Connectivity and Expand Port Options

A USB-C docking station simplifies your workspace by consolidating multiple cables and connections into a single hub. It can connect your laptop to various peripherals such as monitors, keyboards, and external drives while providing additional USB ports and charging capabilities.

A docking station makes it easy to switch between a portable setup and a complete home office environment. Be sure to choose the right docking station for your laptop, as not every station is compatible or will offer the necessary ports for your specific needs.

7. Desktop Caddy and Drawer Dividers: Maximize Organization and Efficiency

A desktop caddy and drawer dividers help keep your workspace organized, ensuring that frequently used items, such as pens, notepads, and charging cables, are easily accessible. A tidy workspace looks more professional and contributes to improved focus and productivity.

Rotating desktop caddy and file organizer

Desktop caddies come in various materials and designs, but a rotating caddy offers easy access and a fun experience. Drawer dividers can be adjustable or custom-fit to your desk drawers, and DIY folks can even design the perfect arrangement using bins found at the Dollar Store.

8. Smart Power Strip: Save Energy and Protect Your Devices

A power strip with surge protection is an energy-efficient solution that protects your devices from power surges and voltage fluctuations. You can also control your devices with Alexa by choosing an Amazon smart power strip.

Additional features, such as automatic shut-off and remote control capabilities, help conserve energy by turning off devices when they’re not in use. Some smart power strips also come with USB charging ports, offering additional convenience for charging your gadgets.

Investing in a smart power strip can save you money on energy bills while prolonging the life of your devices.

9. File Cabinet: Secure and Organize Important Documents

Although we’re now working in the digital age, it’s still crucial to have a dedicated space for important physical documents. A file cabinet provides a secure and organized storage solution for contracts, invoices, and other crucial paperwork for your personal or professional life.

File cabinets under desk

Choose a file cabinet that fits your office space—whether you want a compact, mobile option or a larger, more traditional design. A two or three-drawer file cabinet on wheels is often enough to store your documents. Many file cabinets also have built-in locks for added security and peace of mind.

10. Label Maker: Keep Your Workspace Tidy and Easily Identifiable

A label maker is a practical gadget that helps maintain a tidy and organized workspace. Use it to label folders, drawers, storage boxes, and cables, making it easier to locate items when you need them. A well-organized office boosts productivity and reduces stress caused by clutter and disorganization.

Look for a label maker that offers a variety of font styles, sizes, and symbols, ensuring your labels are both functional and visually appealing.

Building Your Ideal Home Office: Invest in Your Productivity and Well-Being

Investing in the right gadgets and tools can significantly improve your home office experience. By incorporating these essential items into your workspace, you can create an environment that supports productivity, focus, and overall well-being. Take the time to evaluate your needs, budget, and preferences to build a home office that truly works for you.