10 Best Gadgets To Get First in The Finals

The best gadgets to get first in The Finals are highly determined by the game mode you’re playing. For example, if you’re playing Quick Cash, you will want gadgets that will help your team. In Bank It, on the other hand, you can get a little more personal as solo efforts can go a long way. Finally, if you’re playing in Ranked Tournaments, you’ll want gadgets to fortify and aid your team’s attempt to hold a cashout. That’s why it’s critical to only use the best gadgets in The Finals, as they can pay off handsomely for your team.

At the same time, you’ll also want to consider the best abilities to get first in The Finals with regard to the Contestant you pick. Aside from that, because The Finals features crossplay and cross progression, more friends will be teaming up. As a result, more players will seek to synchronize their gadgets with their teammates to be more effective in battle, and these are the best gadgets for the job.

11 RPG-7 – Heavy

The best gadgets in The Finals can be difference-makers for you and your team.

Capable of dishing out tons of damage and destruction, you can’t go wrong with the RPG-7. That being said, it isn’t as effective as it is fun to use. You won’t wipe out a whole team by hitting a direct shot, but you will soften them up for the cleanup crew, a.k.a your teammates, to come in. Therefore, this gadget is most effective if you’re running Heavy in Bank It. However, when it comes to Quick Cash and Ranked Tournaments, there are better Heavy gadgets to choose from.

10 APS Turret – Medium

The APS Turret is one of the best gadgets if your team already consists of Medium and Heavy Contestants. With this team composition, you will already have a wide variety of useful gadgets to choose from, giving you some flexibility in terms of which gadgets you can take. And, if it’s compatible with your teammates’ gadgets, the APS Turret could be just what you’re looking for.

The APS Turret is capable of stopping enemy projectiles. That may not sound like much, but it’s a great counter to Gas Grenades and other projects that teams may use to force you off a cashout. As a result, the APS Turret shines in the right situations. However, there are times when it is simply a bystander in battle.

9 Jump Pad – Medium

Most of the time, it’s best to run the Jump Pad over the APS Turret. This gadget grants the Medium Contestant some much-needed maneuverability. It is also a gadget your teammates can benefit from. For example, if the cashout is on an elevated surface and the defending team has broken all the zip lines, rely on the Jump Pad to get you up there. It may seem simple in concept, but that’s precisely what makes the Jump Pad one of the best gadgets in The Finals.

8 Goo Grenade – All

The Goo Grenade is one of the more inventive ideas to have been thrown into an FPS in a long time. Essentially, the Goo Grenade creates a wall or line of hard Goo in the area it is thrown at. It can be broken, but it will take a lot of damage before it breaks. As a result, this is an excellent gadget for fortifying a cashout in Quick Cash or Ranked Tournaments. Furthermore, the Goo lasts a surprising amount of time, long enough for your recharges to finish.

Pyro Grenades are an excellent counter to Goo Grenades, as the flame will set fire to all goo-based structures, slowly breaking them down.

7 Barricade – Heavy


The Heavy Contestant is essentially your team’s tank. As a result, using the Heavy as a true tank is one of the best ways to assist your team. You can combine the Mesh Shield ability with the Heavy’s Barricade and Dome Shield gadgets. That provides enough shield power to cover your team at every angle.

While the Barricade is good, its effectiveness depends on where the cashout is located, so it falls short of the Dome Shield.

5 Gas Grenade – All

The best gadgets in The Finals can be difference-makers for you and your team.

In most FPS games, Gas Grenades are hardly effective. They do, however, serve an important purpose in The Finals, which is yet another example of how this title does things better than other FPS games.

Teams are using Gas Grenades to “smoke out” teams camping the vault or cashout, forcing opponents to push out from the damaging smog. At the same time, they’re also being used to prevent teams from pushing on the objective. Unfortunately, there is no counter to this, so Gas Grenades are one of the best gadgets in The Finals.

4 Stun Gun – Light

The best gadgets in The Finals can be difference-makers for you and your team.

Combine the Stun Gun gadget with the Light class’ Cloaking Device ability, and you have one of the most powerful builds in the game. With this combo, any player caught in your trap is effectively dead, regardless of the weapon you’re using. That’s because the Cloaking Device allows you to remain undetected and thus land a free hit with the Stun Gun, which temporarily immobilizes enemies – they can still shoot, but they can’t turn their bodies. As a result, catch someone off guard with the Stun Gun, and it’s a free kill every time.

3 Dome Shield – Heavy

The best gadgets in The Finals can be difference-makers for you and your team.

The Dome Shield is easily one of the best gadgets in The Finals, capable of enveloping your entire team and the cashout in a shield bubble; that’s precisely the strategy used with this gadget. However, this device is useful in various situations, including during a meteor shower, when the cashout is in an open field, and when attempting to revive a teammate. As a result, if you want to be a good team player, don’t look past the Dome Shield.

2 Breach Charge – Light

The best gadgets in The Finals can be difference-makers for you and your team.

The Breach Charge for the Light class is a game-changing gadget. This is due to the fact that when cashouts are located in buildings, you can use the C4 to blow out the floor and cause the cashout to drop a level, completely changing the battlefield. This strategy is used almost every game to make a last-second play to steal the cashout, and while it isn’t always successful, it at least gives your team a chance.

If you’re playing the Heavy class, you can get C4 as a gadget, which works just in the same fashion as Breach Charge for Light.

1 Defibrillator – Medium

The best gadgets in The Finals can be difference-makers for you and your team.

Of course, out of all the gadgets, it’s hard to knock the Defibrillator, which instantly revives a teammate. Even if it only revives them with a quarter health, this item has come in clutch a countless number of times and will continue to do so. This gadget is so useful that it calls every team to have a Medium Contestant equipped with it. Moreover, when you combine the Defibrillator with the Healing Beam ability, the medium class can act as your team’s sole medic, one of the most important roles you can undertake in The Finals.

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