We Examined Tineco’s Ground One S7 Steam and It is really Worth the Hype

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I generally knew we were being expecting right away visitors the moment my mother broke out her steam mop. Floors had to be glowing, tile grout and all, prior to a friend’s arrival. As a child, I utilized to believe it was a bit much—wasn’t vacuuming sufficient?—but following not too long ago making an attempt out viral cleaning model Tineco’s most up-to-date start, I when all over again have been humbled by the fact that dad and mom certainly know most effective. 

For context, Tineco’s popularity not too long ago skyrocketed on TikTok (390 million views!) and throughout the World wide web for bundling multiple cleansing essentials into just one streamlined wet-dry gadget. We’ve by now been impressed by the S5 Extraordinary following it effectively managed everything from crushed potato chips to rogue squirts of ketchup in just one go (it also didn’t balk at the particles prompted by our associate editor’s three-pet dog residence) by mopping and vacuuming at once. 

Tineco Ground A person S7 Steam, Amazon ($650)


What sets the S7 Steam apart from the relaxation of Tineco’s lineup is two current modes that guarantee to sanitize—sans cleansing solution—and suck at the same time. With my mom’s cleansing practices embedded in the back again of my mind, that additional features piqued my curiosity sufficient to see if it was an up grade value creating. 

The Spectacular Power of Steam 

The unit ships as just two separate pieces in one box, and all which is demanded to place it collectively is merely clicking the cope with into the human body. Just after assembly, the complete issue lives on a independent charging foundation (which doubles as storage for added dry filters and brush rollers) it demands to absolutely electrical power up in advance of the initial use. Then to get started, all I experienced to do was press the most important power button. This promptly catapults the device into its auto mode. Depending on how dirty your ground is, it’ll use the proper volume of h2o and suction electric power necessary to scrub matters down and/or gobble up crumbs. And whilst Tineco describes it as lightweight, it does weigh in around 10 pounds. Anything to be aware, even although the gadget feels like it propels alone when on. 

Items bought genuinely interesting when I pressed the steam button. Situated over the main power button (the icon form of appears like a cloud), this switch toggles amongst base and strengthen manner, with the selection reflected on the electronic monitor. In a singsong voice, the device alerts it’ll need a moment to warmth up, particularly to 284 degrees. Initially skeptical, I was stunned to at some point see billows of vapor emitting all around the brush roller. I took to the spots in my condominium exactly where I understood stubborn bits of dried gunk have been hiding. And in a handful of passes, the grease and grime were gone. In the improve temper, it took even fewer to get previous places beneath the kitchen area island to vanish. A enjoyable shock: The floor dried streak-cost-free in no time. Previous reminiscences of being banished from just lately steamed rooms until they dried flooded back to me. But I was able to return my runner to its position in entrance of the sink without possessing to be concerned about dampness getting trapped beneath it pretty much instantly. 

Close up shot of Tineco S7 Steam's steam button and power button on front of the handle

Issues to Retain in Mind 

This device certainly experienced me channeling my mother, who when she commences steaming can not seem to be to prevent (the wise iLoop exhibit, which turns from purple to blue as messes are detected and taken care of, was motivation enough). As a result, my psyched hand available quick perception into the unit’s abilities. I, admittedly, was a little bit overzealous my first time all-around and the S7 Steam rapidly warned me to put it back on the charging dock right before it died, considerably like my Dyson will do when it is been overworked beyond its restrict. The increase manner will drain the battery in a make any difference of minutes, and Tineco advises conserving that for greatly polluted areas—rightly so. 

The charging dock itself needs roughly a 12-by-12-foot block of house and can plug into an outlet about 6 feet away. For larger properties with utility closets, I visualize this is not as much of an problem in comparison to condominium dwellers the place, in a city like New York, numerous closets are a rarity. However, the smooth white and black exterior is not an eyesore if it has to take up long-lasting home in your residing quarters. 

And although it will be a welcome addition to my regular deep-cleaning regime (and, alright, prior to visitors get there), it unquestionably appears like a no-brainer for substantial households the place spills are a regular incidence. It’ll appear in helpful if you share a house with furry mates and/or young ones, particularly minimal ones who have not nonetheless mastered keeping foodstuff on their plates. The S7 Steam will also suck up kitchen messes aplenty: every thing from espresso and drinking water to sauce splatter, even whole bowls of soggy cereal (embarrassingly, I was forced to suck up the latter a single morning). The LED lights also assisted illuminate dust I hadn’t even seen.

A Very little Little bit of Repairs

I’d be remiss to not mention an additional magical manner: self-cleaning. As soon as your chores are comprehensive, activate it by urgent a individual button (this just one in the condition of a h2o droplet on the real deal with). By the time I dropped it off and sent a handful of e-mails from my desk, Tineco’s new machine had previously flushed out its internal procedure with clean drinking water and rinsed its brush roller. On my finish, there is a smaller total of work nonetheless to be completed afterward. I then dumped the murky water, cleared the dry filter of clumps of dust and dust, and allowed everything to air-dry prior to using it for yet another spin—except for the brush roller, that is the S7 Steam dries that on its have.  

The Ultimate Word

For households where by wet messes are not a rare incidence, no matter whether by way of young ones, pets, or geographic spot, having the S7 Steam all over will unquestionably come in useful on a day by day basis it’s most amazing tackling food items, mud, and more sloppy straits. Reward: It’s also additional affordably priced at $650 as opposed to the $799 S7 Pro. But fair warning, you could possibly get hooked on steaming. (Mother, if you’re looking at this, I now realize.)