The DIY SEO Guy Introduces Simplified In-House SEO Marketing Education with ‘Empowered Entrepreneurship’ Program

The DIY SEO Guy, Brad Haage, introduces ‘Empowered Entrepreneurship,’ a comprehensive in-house SEO marketing education program. This course helps entrepreneurs and businesses master SEO, build authentic client relationships, and save on marketing costs. Learn to create personalized, impactful marketing strategies without relying on automated tools.

The power of artificial intelligence makes it easier than ever to generate website content. It also leaves people with an unprofessional impression of a business. More than ever, clients want personalized experiences that AI generators and other automated tools cannot provide.

The DIY SEO Guy helps entrepreneurs, startups, and businesses of all sizes and industries find that custom approach to build relationships with each client. For a fraction of the cost of hiring an agency, it is possible to learn, implement, and evolve a marketing strategy while keeping everything in-house.

Choosing the DIY approach offers clarity in a landscape filled with potentially false promises and expensive quotes from unverified experts. When the work is done internally, the trust in the marketing relationship remains within the organization and the instructor.

With empowered entrepreneurship within the marketing sphere, it is possible to master SEO, brand relationships, and a business’s overall online presence. In return, a small company can potentially save thousands on its annual outreach experiences. 


Mentors bring a wealth of experience and knowledge that can be invaluable for navigating the complex marketing world. They can provide insights into practical strategies and pitfalls to avoid, which can be especially beneficial for those just starting their journeys in this area.

As the DIY SEO Guy, Brad Haage created a straightforward course from his personal experience that drives home the essentials that modern marketing requires. He looks to help entrepreneurs simplify their approaches to maximize their creativity and customization. In return, more clients feel like they can connect with the businesses they see as having something valuable.

“One of the key principles of the Empowered Entrepreneurship approach is its simplicity,” said Haage. “Most small business owners are wearing multiple hats and feel like they’re stretched to the breaking point. That means there isn’t enough time to take a deep dive into the intricacies search engine optimization.”

Haage says that the DIY approach provides the tools to make impactful changes to virtually any online presence without feeling overwhelmed. “The modules within my instructional system help small business owners in any industry analyze their current foundations, create a plan of attack to improve their standing, and create ongoing management strategies that keep people visiting, interacting, and clicking.”

From content writing to technical work, the educational opportunities with the DIY SEO Guy take a realistic approach to modern marketing. That includes realistic ways to outsource items when more than in-house expertise is needed to bridge the gap to a specific audience.

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About the company: Brad Haage is not your typical marketing guy. He knows how to get results, leading to a steady income and a comfortable life. The only problem was that he knew he could do more to help entrepreneurs and small business owners needing a hand to pursue their goals and dreams. Empowered Entrepreneurship is a comprehensive coaching program built from Haage’s expertise. It emphasizes hands-on learning, one-on-one coaching, and ongoing mentorship while accessing a network of meaningful partners. In return, everyone can navigate the digital marketing landscape confidently to achieve their definitions of success.

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