Teenage Engineering’s newest audio gadget appears like an alternate-universe iPod

In hindsight, it does look purely natural that Teenage Engineering would start a handheld Industry Recorder just a 7 days following debuting their CM-15 condenser microphone. Created to be a element of their broad assortment of audio recording, generation, and mixing applications, the TP-7 is an amazingly minimalist discipline recorder that seems to be like a non secular successor to Apple and Braun’s design language. Built on the contemporary dictaphone, a handheld recorder used by journalists to file interviews, the TP-7 arrives with three exceptionally significant buttons that are reminiscent of the Walkman days. Earlier mentioned the buttons is a spinning disc that turns for the duration of recording and playback, imitating the way tape recorders and CD gamers used to change when in use. A best little bit of future nostalgia, this one…

Designer: Teenage Engineering

Styled like a hello-fi audio participant, the TP-7 is, in actuality, a little recorder that can document and playback audio, creating it excellent for podcasts, sample recording, songs generation, vlogging, and journalism. Its design is a blend of nostalgic, with clicky buttons, vintage information, and a palpable deficiency of touchscreens, and at the same time slicing-edge, specified its capacity to report as a standalone product as nicely as assistance a few individual inputs utilizing aux-ins on the major. Moreover, the TP-7 arrives with an iOS app that can routinely transcribe all your recordings, saving you the inconvenience if you are a journalist or a vlogger/movie-podcaster searching to give subtitles along with your media.

The TP-7 is developed to suit snugly in your hand, allowing for your fingers to simply navigate the controls. Aside from your key buttons on the front, the machine also has a rocker swap on the facet that allows you speedy-ahead or rewind recordings. Your thumb is liable for recording memos, and the pinky selects the mode. At the heart of the TP-7 lies the motorized tape reel, which rotates meditatively as you’re recording or for the duration of playback. This reel is a finely crafted piece of engineering, that includes a brushed motor with ball bearings and a extremely responsive hall sensor that allows for a lifelike recording working experience. In addition, the reel can be utilised for scrubbing, pausing, menu navigation, and acts as a subtle visible indicator for the duration of playback and recording.

The TP-7 attributes a constructed-in microphone and speaker, linked to a 24-bit/96 kHz USB audio interface. The prime of the gadget sports 3 audio inputs, permitting you hook three microphones, music devices, or other gadgets that let you output audio. 128 gigabytes of inner memory retain audio recordings on your TP-7, or you can use the major audio output on the base (a 1/4″ jack with a 3.5mm adapter) to output your seem to a mixer or to headphones. An iOS application allows you entry the TP-7’s recordings as well, and transcribe them in true-time, despite the fact that there is no clarity if it supports multi-lingual transcription. Finally, a 7-hour battery retains the TP-7 going even by means of the longest of recording periods, and a USB-C port lets you charge your device or even transfer info.

The TP-7 joins all of Teenage Engineering’s other audio recording equipment, which also includes the OP-1 subject synth, the TX-6 stereo mixer, and the CM-15 condenser microphone. At $1499, while, the TP-7 area recorder does not really arrive cheap… but which is the value you pay back for great style and even larger tech.