Garmin’s new gadget capitalizes on missing smartwatch element

Far better acknowledged for its smartwatches and GPS navigators, Garmin is moving into a new frontier of health checking with its to start with good blood tension keep an eye on: the Index BPM.

The initially point you are going to observe is that the Index BPM (opens in new tab) is a good deal bulkier than, say a smartwatch. A possible reason for its sizing is so the device can match all around your bicep and deliver precise readings. Although there are smartwatches that can evaluate blood strain (opens in new tab), the types that do it with a cuff are not broadly offered and those people that use pulse transit time “need frequent calibration with a typical property blood tension watch,” according to Garmin. As well as, Garmin notes, all those devices generally can not “track systolic and diastolic blood pressure” whereas the Index BPM can.