Gadget, weapons, synergies & counters for Y8S2

Rainbow 6 Siege just keeps escalating its roster of Operators, and Procedure Dread Component comes in the coming times.

The character is definitely a suggest-hunting one particular, but without the need of our Rainbow 6 Siege Fenrir tutorial, you may well struggle to get to grips with him and his Batman villain-esque gadget.

Here’s everything you need to have to know about the Fenrir in the game’s newest update, Rainbow 6 Siege: Operation Dread Variable, such as synergies, counters, weapons and extra.

Rainbow Six Siege: Who is Fenrir?

Fenrir is a Swedish Defender who is a biochemist and soldier that’s signing up for the in-video game Redhammer faction. He is straightforward to location many thanks to his unique mask.

He’s well-balanced, too, and is a two-velocity, two-well being Operator.

Rainbow Six Siege Fenrir Weapons & Gadgets

Fenrir’s principal gadget is the F-NATT Diffuser, a sticky product that can attach to walls or ceilings and can only be wrecked by explosives.

The gadget, dubbed the Dread Mine, emits a “Dread Outcome” gasoline that limits an enemy’s discipline of see. It has to be brought on manually, even though, so will not expect it to preserve pushing out the fuel.

Fenrir’s loadout in Rainbow Six Siege is as follows:

  • Main weapon: MP7 or SASG-12
  • Secondary weapon: Bailiff Pistol
  • Generic gadgets: Barbed Wire/Bulletproof Digicam

Ubisoft suggests they preferred Fenrir to have the chance to burst via walls irrespective of loadout, for this reason the harmful abilities of the Bailiff.

Rainbow Six Siege Fenrir Synergies

Fenrir works properly alongside Melusi, Thorn, and Clash, shaving seconds off of the spherical timer by pushing enemies back or forcing rotations with the Dread Mine.

Valkyrie is yet another ideal companion as she can assist stage out wherever Attackers are for applying the Dread Mine, even though we would also endorse Caveira’s ability to sneak up on those people caught in the Panic Influence gasoline.

Rainbow Six Siege Fenrir Counters

IQ and Thatcher are apparent Fenrir counters as they can simply disable the mines, though Montagne’s capacity to present deal with indicates he can defend enemies from the toxin.

Twitch and Zero can the two zap the mine with their respective gadgets, and Finka can continue to keep health and fitness topped up even though an ally is caught in it, way too.

Rainbow 6 Siege Fenrir Strategies

In our time with Fenrir in a pre-release perform session, we savored acquiring the fall on enemies by putting the F-NATT on ceilings or earlier mentioned doorways to capture out even the most methodical Attackers.

Pairing with the shotgun meant we ended up able to blast an enemy down as we came as a result of a wall the moment the mine was triggered.

Though attacking, we observed it finest to test and bait Fenrir a person way, distracting him from using the F-NATT to keep a choke point or popping a smaller hole in a wall to zap it with Zero’s digital camera laser.

That is all we know about Fenrir in Operation Dread Component of Rainbow 6 Siege. For a lot more, check out out our 12 months 8 roadmap manual and our developer interview about the following ten decades of Siege.