Five Gadgets That Will Actually Improve Your Life

Retail therapy might provide a brief feeling of pleasure, but many of those late-night online purchases simply don’t end up getting that much use. You probably don’t need a thirteenth pair of shoes, or yet another novelty mug, but there are some products out there that are absolutely life-changing.

So, to help boost your mood in a more long-term capacity, we picked out five products that can actually improve your life day in and day out. They might not be as exciting as a new video game or pair of overpriced headphones, but these items will come in clutch.

Pill Bottle Reminders

Did you take your meds today? Are you sure? For people with focus or memory issues, remembering the last time they took their medications can be challenging. Delegate that task to this handy little bottle, and you’ll never have to risk missing or doubling a dose by mistake.

Amazon user Haley Nuckles gave this electronic cap a five-star review, stating “I have tried everything to remember to take my meds[…] This is the closest thing to a solution I have found.”

coway hepa filter

Coway HEPA Air Purifier

Dust, smelly particles from cooking, pet dander and the like are all suspended in the air, and you can probably even see some of that gunk floating around with the right lighting. Gross, right?

Thankfully, a good air purifier can drastically improve the situation. Even better, you can actively monitor your air quality by pairing it with an app.

But is this model deserving of a full five stars? Amazon reviewer J. Knock sure seems to think so. They “noticed a lot less dust and odor since we installed them,” and “can clean the unit and replace the filters in less than five minutes, and [it] doesn’t require any tools.”

magic wand

Magic Wand Massager

Yes, yes, this particular personal massager is known for being used for adult activities. It’s well-suited to that task, but it’s also a legitimately outstanding massager otherwise too. If you have stiffness in your neck and back, the powerful head of the Magic Wand can really help work through the knots.

Reviewer A. Hicks notes that there’s no replacing an actual masseuse, and serious conditions should receive professional care, but this powerful massager allows them to “actually DO something instead of the muscle cramps leaving [their husband] in pain for however many days it takes to get an appointment.”


Fitbit Versa 4 Fitness Tracker

When taking your health seriously, a fitness and health tracker is a great way to give yourself the data needed to make smart decisions. Track your sleep, heart rate, calories burned and your overall stress levels with just a simple watch that’s substantially cheaper than Apple’s offerings.

The battery life, blood oxygen stats and sleep tracking all get great marks in a five-star review from MiProfessor. Heck, 69 percent of the 10,000 reviews on Amazon give it the full five too.

powered hand fan

Powered Hand Fan

Now that summer has arrived, going even fifteen minutes without air conditioning can be uncomfortable. So if you know you’re going to be stuck somewhere stuffy and miserable, this portable fan can change the whole mood. Better yet, it doubles as a USB power bank and flashlight when needed.

Danielle N. Lee praised this tiny fan for travelers, saying “It didn’t take up hardly any room, and the battery life was excellent!” It came in handy during an outdoor trip, and provided plenty of cooling without a lot of noise.

It’s not just gear that can make your live easier, mind you. We’ve also picked out some top-notch apps that will improve your life too.

[Image: Andrea Piacquadio]