Digital cattle-buying trend brings relief to buyers

ISLAMABAD   –   Online cattle markets have been gaining popularity among buyers and sellers ahead of Eid-ul-Azha and witnessing 

hassle-free facilities. Customers are getting attractive free delivery opportunities at the buyers’ preferred time.

The platform is currently displaying animals in diverse colors, sizes, and price ranges, according to a report aired by a private news channel. The online markets have responded to the increasing demand by providing a wide range of sacrificial animals at various price points, said an online buyer. “Going to the cattle market and roaming around in a rush of people carries the risk of any heatwave-related infection due to which we have decided to go for online buying of the sacrificial animal,” said a buyer. “The price of cattle differs based on demand, weight and supply in the local markets,” said an online seller.  Buyers can buy the animal of their choice sitting at home and can avoid these ongoing heatwave seasons, said a citizen.

Various size cows, goats, sheep, goats, camels, and buffaloes have been kept in the animal category where citizens can get detailed information by clicking on the category that the buyer likes, said another online seller. Social media platforms have now become a new selling point for online marketing, said a youngster. “We are offering comprehensive reviews of goat and cows giving our website users the option to evaluate the picture of the sacrificial animal as well as see their breed,” explained a seller in Karachi. “The present surge in online marketing is the best example that investors have started using the internet as a major marketing tool,” said an It expert.

 “Due to this social media trend, I have witnessed growth in my business,” said a farmer.

 Selling animals online has a lot of advantages over traditional selling, and not only saves farmers money and time but also has additional positive returns, said another seller. No wonder online auctions and live video streams of sales are booming, he added.

 The explosion of social media and internet marketing has been embraced by the agricultural sector, giving rise to an increasing number of online livestock ‘buy and sell’ sites, said a citizen.

“We have been incredibly inspired by how people are utilizing these sites during heatwave times for important religious occasions,” said a young girl. A customer said he has already booked a sacrificial animal through an online website but he is not sure whether it would be the same as it is appearing in the pictures.