Appreciate listening to information? This straightforward, sound-boosting gadget is a must-have

The DT-50 circumstance does a fantastic task of shielding the gel pad in just.

Jack Wallen/ZDNET

I am an audiophile. I pay attention to vinyl documents every single working day I’m in my workplace. In truth, as I sort, I am listening to Orbital’s new release, Optical Delusion, on my Rega P8 turntable now. 

One detail that is basically universal for all audiophiles is that we’re often chasing down the perfect sound. That chase is by no means-ending, as it will never be obtained. I simply cannot explain to you how a lot of hours I have spent adjusting cartridges on tonearms and tweaking several aspects of my procedure. 

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But there is a distinct location that doesn’t require virtually as a great deal thought… retaining your stylus clean up. For those who are not pretty as familiar with “vinyl converse,” the stylus is the “needle” and it receives filthy. A stylus will choose up dust, hair, cat fur, and just about everything else. If it can land on a history, it can be picked up by the stylus. 

Above time, that can lead to a degradation in the fidelity of your turntable. Even even worse, it can bring about undo dress in on your albums. You really don’t want that. Just google “dirty stylus” and acquire a gander at the visuals you are going to see. Some of them are so poor (and magnified) you might assume you might be looking at an alien appendage. 

As additional and far more particles collects on your stylus, it is considerably less able of selecting up the songs as it was meant to be read. Not only will you pass up highs and lows, but it could also develop into inclined to skipping. For the reason that of that, you need to have to consistently thoroughly clean your “needle”.

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Throughout my youth, I assumed it was enough to blow on the want to rid it of the dust and other particles. Sad to say, that experienced two distinct benefits (that I was unaware of):

  • It did not genuinely clean the stylus.
  • It could truly lead to much more debris collecting on the “needle” (like saliva).

Though it might be tempting to blast your stylus with some very hot lung air, that’s not what you want. Rather, you really should think about just one of the numerous cleansing gel stylus devices accessible. 

I have tried out a selection of these gadgets and none of them can surpass the DS Audio ST-50 Fall-In Micro-Dust/Cleaning-Gel stylus cleaner. It truly is a bit a lot more costly than some of the other solutions (these as the Onzow ZeroDust). 

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With this gadget, all I do is meticulously reduced the stylus on to the gel pad, hold out for 3 seconds, and carry. I do this a few moments right before participating in every single document, and it keeps my stylus just about spotless. So lengthy as I keep in mind to do this right before every single file, I know my stylus is not amassing just about every little bit of undesirable content identified on the document (which I also clear in advance of every use).

The DT-50 stylus cleaner in action.

Cleaning my Rega Apheta 3 stylus with the DT-50.

Jack Wallen/ZDNET

The DS Audio DT-50 costs about $79.99 on Amazon and is well worth each penny. I’ve been employing mine for about 5 many years, and it works as properly now as it did the initial working day I obtained it.

The trick is keeping the cleaner cleanse. To do that, you simply just maintain it less than functioning cold h2o and wipe the gel pad with your finger. When it is cleaned, allow for it to air dry ahead of making use of it.

The gel pad on the DT-50 is a micro-dust gel made of a urethane resin that was developed for laboratory thoroughly clean-home apps. The gel is really sticky and you want to avoid urgent your fingers to it to reduce oil and fingerprints from adhering to the surface. Need to that transpire, simply clean up it and allow it air dry once again for roughly 30 minutes.

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The DT-50 also includes a helpful scenario (manufactured of nickel-taken care of aluminum) with a leather-based base to avert it from sliding as you clean your stylus.

I are not able to say ample superior matters about this simple gadget. I’ve tried using just about just about every style of stylus cleaner (from brushes to even magic erasers) and absolutely nothing comes shut to this system. If you happen to be just now getting into vinyl or have been spinning documents for some time, do on your own a favor and seize a single of these handy instruments to keep your stylus thoroughly clean and albums sounding wonderful.