Amazon Shoppers Are Rushing to Add These 10 Genius Kitchen Gadgets to Their Carts

The depth of winter is the perfect time to replace or add kitchen essentials to freshen up your kitchen. After all, who wants to be inside once it’s warm? Amazon shoppers are working hard on making their kitchens perfect, and right now there are dozens of new tools in Movers & Shakers section that are small but mighty upgrades.

We scoured through and found ten products perfect for anyone needing an upgrade including kitchen towels, rice cookers, Swedish dishcloths, and under-the-sink organizers. Best of all, all of them are under $25. Don’t wait too long, as many of these kitchen products are being snapped up by shoppers already.

Movers & Shakers Kitchen Essential Deals Under $25 at Amazon:

Swedish Wholesale 10-Pack Swedish DishCloth Set


These Swedish dishcloths will become your new best friend in the kitchen. They are ideal for wiping the counter, washing dishes, and cleaning the stainless steel appliances, tile, and glass. These can be used over and over again, (up to 100 times, according to the brand) and are machine washable. Paper towels will soon become a thing of the past in your kitchen with one of these in your hands. Shoppers love these dishcloths, which have raked in over 42,700 five-star ratings. One shopper writes these have “completely changed the way they approach cleaning up counters and dishes.” 

Wilton 2-Piece Baking Sheet Set


This two-piece Wilton baking sheet set is for more than baking your favorite cookies. You can easily whip up a sheet-pan meal for a weekday dinner, make a sheet cake, or roast a whole chicken. The set includes two sheet steel nonstick pans that are 9 by 13 inches with 0.75-inch high sides that help keep food and any liquids while cooking safely inside. These are dishwasher-safe, so clean-up after a day of cooking or baking with them is a breeze.

KitchenClouds Anti-Fatigue Rug


This now-52% off KitchenClouds anti-fatigue rug provides 0.47 inches thick of comfort and softness that you can sink into. It measures approximately 17 by 28 inches wide and is made of a soft yet durable PVC foam. The rug has a beveled edge to help prevent you from tripping over it and stays safely where you place it due to the diamond-shaped design on the backing. It is waterproof and easy to clean, too. Just grab a damp cloth to wipe any spills, or a vacuum or broom to clean up any crumbs. It’s only $16, a small price to pay to keep your feet happy whenever you’re cooking.

Sevenblue 2-Pack Under Sink Organizer Set


It’s the ideal time to pay attention to the much-ignored part of the kitchen: the under-the-sink area. And this under-sink organizer set can help you get it streamlined and clutter-free. There are two organizers to help you get things in order and each of them has two shelves and other handy goodies, such as moveable hooks to hang dishrags or brushes on and cups for putting items in. The large shelf measures 15.5 by 8.5 by 13.4 inches, and the medium one measures 12.1 by 6.3 by 13.4 inches. They are made of sturdy, durable black plastic that can hold up to 50 pounds. As an extra incentive, this set is currently on sale for 50% off.

Hotec 3-Piece Mini Silicone Kitchen Tong Set


Serve salads, pasta, or appetizers, turn food in the air fryer, flip meat, and more with this three-piece kitchen tong set. Each tong is 7 inches long and made of durable stainless steel that’s resistant to rust, corrosion, and heat. They have silicone tips so they won’t scratch your pans, and a nifty ring that you pull to open or push to close. This mechanism, which locks them in place, makes them compact and easy to store. Right now, the cost is only $8, that’s less than $3 apiece.

ThermoPro TP03 Digital Meat Thermometer


Whether you’re baking a chicken in the oven or cooking a steak on the grill, a meat thermometer is necessary to ensure the meat is done to the correct temperature. Shoppers say this ThermoPro digital meat thermometer is “handy, easy to use, and zeros in on the temperature in just a couple of seconds.” It is small and compact, measuring about six inches when in the closed position, so it can easily fit in your pocket. The temperature probe pulls out to use and folds back into the base. There is a hook at the end for hanging it up if you desire, so it’s always within easy reach, too. It has a backlight LCD that is easy to read and an auto-shutoff. It’s one of the more popular items on Amazon and has raked in over 97,400 perfect ratings. It’s hard to pass this up since it’s 38% off right now.

Zeppoli 6-Pack Classic Kitchen Towels


Kitchen towels get used a lot, and it’s a good time to toss the old ones and freshen up your kitchen with new ones. These Zeppoli Classic Kitchen Towels come in a six-pack, so there’s plenty of them to have on hand. Made of durable 100% cotton with a basketweave design that absorbs water and other liquids easily and dries quickly. These 20 by 28-inch towels are lint-free, so you can wipe glassware and flatware without leaving any debris or scratches. Plus, they’re machine washable. Snag the pastel variety pack while it’s on sale for $13.

Etekcity Food Kitchen Scale


A kitchen scale comes in handy, especially when you’re baking and need to measure out dry and wet ingredients. This bestselling kitchen scale is sleek, modern, and has a large, easy-to-read digital display. It can measure in five different units, including ounces, pounds, ounces, fluid ounces, grams, or milliliters, and has a capacity of up to 11 pounds. It’s a favorite of ours, too, earning the top spot for best lightweight kitchen scale during testing. We loved this scale for many reasons, including how accurately it measured, its sturdiness, its large surface area, and the non-slip pads on the bottom that kept it securely in place and easy to store when not in use. Grab it while it’s 29% off.

Dash 5-Quart Mini Rice Cooker


The Dash 5-quart rice cooker makes perfectly cooked, fluffy rice for your meals, whether you want to use this ingredient for rice bowls, soups, stir-fries, or enjoy it on its own. The rice cooker has a two-cup capacity, making it ideal for a single serving of rice. It’s small, measuring only 6.5 by 8.5 by 6.3 inches, so it takes up very little space, making it ideal for small apartments or dorm rooms. And it’s not just for rice, as you can cook oatmeal, quinoa, and pasta in it, too. It has a simple-to-use interface that has a cook and keep-warm setting, and it comes with a measuring cup and rice paddle. Although it has to be hand washed, the nonstick and removable pot makes cleaning a breeze.

Rubbermaid 2-Piece Food Storage Containers


This now-26% off food storage container set by Rubbermaid is perfect for meal prep or storing leftovers. The set has two stain-resistant, BPA-free plastic containers, and each has a 4.7-cup capacity. The lids for these containers have two chic features that make them 100% leak-proof according to the brand: The airtight seal and hinged latches that snap soundly with a click. Another nifty feature is when the latches are in the open position, there are vent holes, so you pop the entire container with the lid on in the microwave to reheat without any splattering or mess. These containers are stackable for streamlined storage and can be used in the pantry, fridge, freezer, and microwave. Simply pop them in the dishwasher to get them clean and ready to use again.