15 Winning SEO Marketing Agency Ad Campaigns to Inspire You

If you’re thinking of hiring an SEO agency to help you with your ad campaigns, you’ll want to first assess their capabilities. This requires looking beyond their service offerings and reviewing the previous campaigns they’ve run so you can understand the results they’ve achieved for their past clients. Not only will this help you evaluate potential agencies to work with, but it can also inspire your own campaigns. 

As a leading resource of SEO and digital marketing agencies, we’ve put together some of the most impressive SEO marketing agency ad campaigns to guide you. Here are x ad campaign case studies from leading SEO marketing agencies across the globe.

15 Winning SEO Marketing Agency Ad Campaigns to Inspire You:

1. RawQ – Favoured

RawQ, an energy bar brand, wanted to optimize their ad spend to reduce costs while simultaneously reaching more customers. They approached Favoured, which provides SEO agency services in London, to achieve this goal.

The agency made use of data such as audience behavior and performance metrics to optimize their ad spend allocation across various channels. Additionally, they refined targeting parameters and ad creatives to reach potential customers more effectively with ads that resonate. 

While their ad spend increased 370% month-over-month, their cost per acquisition (CPA) dropped by 41%. The brand also increased their month-over-month sales by an impressive 32%.

2. Mrs. Prindables – Straight North

Mrs. Prindables is a brand that sells gourmet caramel apples. The company was running a large-scale PPC campaign that needed constant attention and was underperforming. They approached Straight North to optimize their campaign and improve their results.

The agency started by eliminating broad match irrelevant traffic. They also used a PPC management platform to make tactical adjustments. Within the first nine months, the brand saw a 46% revenue increase (amounting to six figures). Mrs. Prindables continues to exceed their return on ad spend (ROAS) goals, with revenue growing every year six years down the line. 

3. ShirtSpace – Searchbloom

ShirtSpace is a leading ecommerce store selling affordable wholesale apparel. The company had worked with two other agencies to manage their ad accounts but was experiencing several issues. On top of this, they weren’t seeing enough ROAS, which kept them from utilizing their full monthly budgets.

Searchbloom refocused the brand’s PPC strategy to target keyword themes using their proven A.C.E (Assets, Control, Experimentation) method. They also focused on highly profitable products that would drive transactions and get their ads on the first page.

The agency created custom campaigns and ad groups with custom ad copy for each persona. They also implemented a remarketing list for search ads and corrected the previous remarketing audience. After robust A/B testing, ShirtSpace’s Google ads saw a 20.68% lift in conversion rate with a 98.16% revenue increase.

4. Clinical Trial Media – Sociallyin

Clinical Trial Media (CTM) is a company focusing on patient recruitment and retention. The company was overspending on traditional ad methods without seeing desirable results. So they approached Sociallyin to build a strategy that would help them see better results while cutting costs.

In addition to helping CTM develop their personal brand online, the team designed custom creatives and eye-catching ads on behalf of the company. Sociallyin used targeted ads and retargeting campaigns to generate valuable leads while boosting brand recognition and engagement. The agency ended up managing a $2 million ad budget for the company and generating more than 90,000 leads in just one year.  

5. Bruni and Campisi – WebFX

Bruni and Campisi provides plumbing and HVAC services to customers in Westchester County. The company wanted to improve their rankings for HVAC-related searches within their service area. They also wanted to increase conversions and boost ROI from their paid ad campaigns. Additionally, they wanted to launch an ad campaign on Facebook to drive traffic and conversions.

So they approached WebFX with these clear-set goals in mind. The agency set out on a journey to improve the website’s technical SEO and content with location-based page optimization and long-form blog content. Additionally, they created highly targeted PPC campaigns for each of the company’s services and locations. They also repurposed existing TV commercials and redistributed them as ads on YouTube.

The business saw an impressive 524% increase in ad clicks in addition to 321% increase in goal completions. Their first YouTube pre-roll ad also generated 10,000 views within just a short period. Additionally, there was a 4,207% increase in Facebook traffic as a result of their Facebook campaigns.

6. Lethal Performance – OuterBox

Lethal Performance sells aftermarket performance parts for Ford, Chevy, and Dodge vehicles. The company knew the potential to generate more revenue and went to OuterBox for a comprehensive SEO and SEM strategy to boost their performance. Before they started working with the agency, Lethal Performance was mostly breaking even on their Google Ads campaigns.

By running their PPC ads in conjunction with a robust SEO strategy, the company saw a revenue increase of 479%. For this, they only had to increase their ad spend by 124%.

7. JobSwipe – Favoured

JobSwipe is a job-seeking app that works a bit like Tinder – it lets you swipe left or right to shortlist jobs. The company went to Favoured to scale their advertising spend and boost their reach while reducing their cost per install. The goal was to eventually increase their profitability.

The UK-based SEO agency helped the company with a strategy to refine their mid-funnel communications while running a powerful data-driven ad campaign. They also developed compelling creatives to better engage prospects. Alongside a 28% month-over-month increase in ad spend, there was a 24% increase in app installs while CPI went down by 19%. As such, the company was able to minimize the cost of acquiring new users and improve their profitability. 

8. Pro Stock Hockey – Straight North

ProStockHockey is the largest online retailer of pro stock hockey gear. The company wanted to achieve their return on ad spend (ROAS) goals and drive steady revenue.They also wanted to adjust the score and style of their campaigns based on the sport’s seasonality.  So they went to Straight North agency for help in adjusting and optimizing their strategy.

The agency immediately started adjusting their campaigns by putting a pause on underperforming keywords. They also helped the company update their ads and make adjustments to their campaign budget to promote their unique inventory and capitalize on the seasonal marketing calendar. Additionally, they set up a product list ad (PLA) campaign to boost reach and positively boost their ROAS.

As a result of these efforts, ProStockHockey witnessed a ROAS increase of 525% while campaign revenue increased by 1,888%. Overall, they saw transactions increase by 2,250% – signaling an increase in the company’s customer base.

9. Trinity Power – Click Slice

Trinity Power is a temporary power solution that provides rentals for commercial and industrial generators. The company already has a well-established Google Ad account but wanted to build on their success. So they approached the ClickSlice team to improve the ROI of these ads while boosting the volume of leads generated.

The agency used the existing ads as a foundation and continually tested different variations to gradually improve their key performance metrics. They further broke down the structure of the campaigns to better match keywords and search intent with ad copy. They were able to deliver highly relevant ad assets across thousands of ad groups. As a result, conversions went up from 3.76% to 10.21% – a 172% increase.

10. Gilman’s Kitchen and Bath – Searchbloom

Gilman’s Kitchen and Bath provides custom cabinetry services and has been in the business for more than three decades. With a competition level of 10, the company wanted to stand out from multiple competitors including big box stores. They also wanted to increase their overall leads while bringing down cost per conversion to make the most of their budget.

So the company went to Searchbloom, who helped them develop a powerful PPC strategy with a focus on keyword research and retargeting. The agency helped them with custom-designed ad creative and hand-picked landing pages. They also made several adjustments to the ad creatives throughout the campaign to narrow down the content that sparked clicks.

The agency didn’t just use a set-it-and-forget-it method and instead made manual adjustments to launch successful remarketing campaigns based on data. As a result of these combined efforts, the company’s conversion rate saw a 1,366% increase between January 2018 and January 2019. Their cost per conversion also dropped from $186.54 to $113.08, allowing them to achieve their cost-efficiency goals.

11. Plaza Japan – Coalition Technologies

Plaza Japan is a company that sells anime action figures. The company wanted to launch a Google Adwords campaign alongside a robust SEO strategy to boost traffic and revenue. So they went to Coalition Technologies for a comprehensive solution, which included optimizing the site content and technical SEO as well as implementing new site banners.

The company saw a massive increase in organic sessions with the agency’s SEO efforts. In addition, their investment of $9281.29 in Google Adwords helped them realize revenue of $121,299.51. This translates to an impressive ROI of 1,206.93%.

12. Geoforce – Thrive Agency 

Geoforce is a leading developer of cloud-based asset-tracking platforms. The company hadn’t had much success with other web marketing agencies and decided to go to Thrive Agency, one of the top SEO agencies for small businesses for hands-on campaign management. 

The agency took over Geoforce’s digital marketing campaign, helping them to generate an organic traffic increase of 360%. Their ad clicks also increased by an impressive 88%. Thrive also helped them successfully combine their paid and social media efforts to boost their Facebook impressions by 352% while increasing their Instagram and LinkedIn following by 121% and 100% respectively.

13. Bedrosian Industries – SmartSites 

Bedrosian Industries provides superior rug cleaning services for customers in the New Jersey area. The company, however, was struggling to attract clients in the NYC metro area facing tough competition that dominated most of the market share. So they went to SmartSites, which helped them with a comprehensive website redesign to boost time on site and conversions.

The agency also created dedicated pages for all their rug cleaning services and developed a useful, SEO-friendly blog. To attract prospects to this revamped website, the agency also created an AdWords campaign targeted by service and city. Not only did they see a 27% increase in click-through rate but they also increased paid clicks by an impressive 94%.

14. Rocket Resume – Ignite Visibility 

Rocket Resume is a company that helps people simplify the process of building resumes online. They wanted to scale their marketing spend from $30,000 to $350,000 a month. So they turned to Ignite Visibility for help managing their Google Ads in addition to other types of digital marketing including SEO.

Ignite Visibility set up campaigns and tests to analyze what’s working and what’s not with their SEO and Google Ads campaigns. In addition to helping the company increase their ad spend by 5X, they also successfully decreased their ad spend by an impressive 40%, resulting in overall profitability.

15. Furbo – WebFX

Furbo is a dog camera brand that enables dog owners to see and remotely interact with their dogs. The company wanted to scale their visibility during the holiday season and target Black Friday online shoppers. So they went to WebFX to help them prospect and retarget this audience and remain top-of-mind during this peak shopping season.

Many shoppers were going beyond search and using YouTube reviews to learn more about potential purchases. So WebFX launched Smart Shopping campaigns that allowed Furbo to reach prospects on search as well as display, Gmail, and YouTube. This allowed them to boost their revenue by a whopping 348% while their ROAS increased by 76%. Additionally, their cost per acquisition was lower by 54%.

Get Inspired by These Ad Campaigns

The above campaigns include a host of examples across a variety of industries. So they should be enough to give you inspiration to build your own campaign. Additionally, they can help you assess just how capable these top SEO agencies are for your business. 

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